Freeze Dried Coffee

  • Freeze dried coffee

    Freeze dried coffee

    Description Freeze-drying is used to remove moisture from food during food processing for a longer shelf life of food. The process includes the following steps: the temperature is reduced, usually about -40°C, so that the food freezes. After that, the pressure in the equipment decreases and the frozen water sublimates (primary drying). Finally, the iced water is removed from the product, usually increasing the product temperature and further reducing the pressure in the equipment, so as ...
  • Cold Brew Freeze Dried Coffee Arabica Instant Coffee

    Cold Brew Freeze Dried Coffee Arabica Instant Coffee

    Storage Type:normal temperature
    Type:Instant coffee
    Ingredients:no added
    Content:freeze dried coffee cubes/powder
    Address:Shanghai, China
    Instruction for use:in cold and hot water
    Flavor:Chocolate, Fruit, Cream, NUT, Sugar