Freeze Dried Candy

  • Freeze Dried Rainbow Bites

    Freeze Dried Rainbow Bites

    A different way to taste the rainbow. Our rainbow bites are freeze dried to remove 99% of moisture leaving behind a crunchy treat exploding with flavor!

  • Freeze Dried Crunchy Worms

    Freeze Dried Crunchy Worms

    What was once sticky is now crunchy thanks to the freeze drying process! Just sweet enough and big enough to serve your sweet tooth without feeling guilty. Our crunchy worms are a very light, tasty and airy treat.
    Because they have more flavor, are larger, and last longer, you don’t need as many to satisfy your cravings!

  • Freeze Dried Marshmallow

    Freeze Dried Marshmallow

    Freeze-dried marshmallow candy is an all-time favorite treat! Light and airy, they still have that soft marshmallow texture that makes you feel happy, and even though they’re rough, they’re light and squishy. Choose your favorite marshmallow flavor from our candy collection and enjoy them in a whole new way!delicious