New FD Workshop with 4 chambers in Shandong Richfield

During the past 2013, our sales volume of FD products has been increasing rapidly, especially with products like FD broccoli, FD asparagus, FD peas and FD corn, because of this large growth we are forced to increase our output to meet our customers demand. 

Finally, thanks to the efforts of our staffs, we have set up a new workshop for the FD production on December 2013, the new shop is located in Shandong Richfield, incorporating four Freeze Dried Vacuum Chambers for the production of freeze-dried vegetables. With this new incorporation, we are able to produce 200kg to 1000kg of finished product depending on the raw material type.

Facing 2014, Shanghai Richfield is prepared to meet a Freeze Dried market every time larger, we are confident about our production capacity and product quality, and we hope each of our customers can be benefited from our effort to offer a better service every day.