New X-ray Machine

Recently we have imported a new X-ray machine from Japan due to customers’ recommendations in order to improve foreign material control in products such as dehydrated bell pepper, dehydrated tomato or other dehydrated vegetables products.

Considering the situations before, even though many advanced equipments such as laser sorter, air separator, metal detector, color sorter and etc equipped in processing line, we can’t not guarantee zero foreign material in finished products, especially for dehydrated tomato flakes and dehydrated bell pepper flakes products, because some foreign matters could probably be rolled and involved in products, which makes it kind of difficult to pick out by all these machines and hand sorting procedures. For this reason, we decided to purchase a new X-ray machine from abroad to set up in the processing line before metal detection as a final line of defense and it will highly improve the efficiency and quality of finished products like dehydrated bell pepper flakes, dehydrated tomato flakes and etc.