New mushroom supplier

For many years, our FD Mushroom business has always been limited by pesticides issues and the low supply due to their limited production. These problems have been plaguing us for years; fortunately, we found the solution in the past month.

To eradicate the problems of pesticides and low production we found in FD Mushroom, we have found new supplier of mushrooms raw material in our area, where the cultivation of mushrooms is fully automated and indoor, along with the control of chemicals used, we can prevent pollution from pesticides both applied and from the substrate, as result, the final mushroom is completely clean. One of the many advantages of mechanized crops is that we are independent of weather conditions, and can pick up several batches annually, ensuring both quality of raw material used and the quantity supplied.

From 2014, group Richfield will be able to offer our customers a bigger amount of FD Mushroom than usual, especially to countries like US where the pesticides residues limits are stricter.